February 18, 2018

Tri-City Record

The Tri-City Record

Your weekly, local newspaper for Watervliet, Hartford, and Coloma,  faithfully serving these communities since 1882.

The Tri-City Record is a paid circulation, full-sized newspaper averaging the sale of 2,300 copies per week delivered by mail and sold at 42 stores and vending machines. The annual, local subscription rate is $42.00. News stands, $.75 per single issue. The Tri-City Record is published on Thursdays.

More than 7,000 people read the only hometown newspaper for Coloma, Hartford, and Watervliet faithfully every week. Here’s what the readership told us about the Tri-City Record by completing a survey. 98% read the Tri-City Record every week. 3.1 persons share the Record each week.